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Anne Schober: Speaker, Author, Educator

About Me

My Background

Author, motivational speaker, educator and sexual assault survivor - I am a person with big dreams and an even bigger heart. A southern girl born in Alabama, I moved to Lancaster, PA when I was thirteen years old. After graduating high school, I attended Gannon University where I pursued a degree in Medical Assisting. It is there where my world turned upside down. Being 18, hours away from home, and having been raped, I became someone I know longer knew. Telling no one what happened, I turned to drugs and alcohol to hide what was haunting me. 

Years later, I married the love of my life, had three children and returned to college to obtain a degree in English Education from Millersville University. In 2007, I was chosen to become a Freedom Writer teacher, one of 600 in the world. Erin Gruwell, the teacher who changed the lives of her 150 students as depicted in the movie, The Freedom Writers, taught me how to reach those students who are struggling and to help them discover their voice while owning their stories. In return, I learned how to find my own voice. After thirteen years in education, I left the classroom to pursue my dream of writing my story in order to help others write theirs.

My Writing Roots

In high school, I was blessed to have a teacher who encouraged me to write from my heart. She helped me to tap into my inner muse and allow my pen to guide my thoughts. However, it was later in life when writing became my therapy and I realized the power of the written word. I realized that by putting my story onto paper, I was validating who I am, what has happened to me, and how I choose to move forward. I own my words. I can choose to write them down and then throw them away, keep them hidden as a secret, or share them with the world. I am the author of my story.  I have learned to write from popular authors and from my former students who are still discovering their voices. I am a person who believes that all writing is sacred. I am a writer who dabbles in different genres trying to unearth my full potential. I am  a writer who wants to help others discover their voice, their words, and their story. Everyone has a story...